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Our company has been in the transportation market since 1989, satisfying the needs of our domestic and foreign clients. To meet the challenges of the last three decades, we have worked most of the time in the Member States of the European Union. We carry up to 24 tons of part load, full load, and ADR goods. We constantly monitor the movement of goods and provide our clients with accurate information about its situation.

Our corporate philosophy is to provide our clients with complete, secure service, which is a prerequisite for establishing and maintaining long-term cooperation. Our clients include freight forwarders, manufacturing companies and trading companies. The development of our company is dynamic, which includes not only the continuous expansion of the fleet and the staff, but also the adaptation to the requirements of the European Union. The "Elektrans Elek és Fia Ltd." has obtained the ISO 9001 quality certificate, which guarantees continuous quality and the best possible coordination of work processes to our partners.

We established our site in the Industrial Park of Kiskunhalas in 2006 according to the latest legal regulations. Here we can repair, service and wash our vehicles under the most up-to-date conditions. Our modern offices coordinate our vehicles with multilingual multilingual freight forwarders. Number of employees: 65.

The average age of our vehicles is 3 years, homogeneous in type and appearance, with a total of 45 Renault trucks and 45 Schwarzmüller semi-trailers. 



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Elektrans Elek és Fia Ltd.

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